13.–17. November 2013

The Dancing Corpse – into the wilderness

Butoh Dance | Intensive Workshop | Mirjam Morad

Butoh is a Japanese avantgarde and spiritual dance form that developed in the late 50s. Butoh is not only a way to dance, but a way to live – NOW. The dance is about opposites such as creation and destruction, life and death, woman and man, beauty and ugliness, brightness and darkness, heat and cold, ... extremes we also find in the desert.

Inspired by surrounding nature we will start mirroring the outer and inner landscape. The individual Butoh dance process of inside – outside starts and your very own move­ment will emerge. A new dance is born through body perception, inner impulses, images, feelings, emotions, voice and form till transformation. The workshop will enable you to find your own body reality and body presence while resonating, reflecting and improvising.


13.–17. November 2013 (Duration: 30 hours)
The workshop will take place in the studio and in nature. Partly accompanied by live music of nature sound instruments.


ISRAEL, “Zman Midbar (Desert Time) – eco-spirit-lodge” in the Judean desert near Arad city, looking over the Moab mountains and the Dead Sea. 
For details see at www.zmanmidbar.net


EUR 280 till September 13th or
EUR 330 till October 31st Workshop-Fee plus
EUR 208 accommodation and food and one guided trip into the desert.


12 participants, early registration recommended! 
This workshop is open for everybody, it is not necessary to have experience in butoh dance.


English / Hebrew


mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
tel / fax +43 (0)1 50 45 143 
EUR 80 (included in Fee)

MIRJAM MORAD lives in Vienna, Butoh Dance, Choreography, PerformanceBasis: classical Ballett, experience with contemporary dance in all facets.
Since 2006 traveling half the globe for intensive workshops and master- classes of butoh dance: Yoshito Ohno (Japan), Atsushi Takenouchi (Japan, Iltaly, Paris, Polen, Bolivien), Semimaru – Sankaijuku (Japan), Yumiko Yoshioka (Berlin),Tadashi Endo (Göttingen), Anita Saij - Nordic Butoh School (Denmark), Imre Thorman Butoh und Noguchi Taiso (Italy), Ephia - Djalma Primordial Science (South France). Ko Murobushi (Japan);
Butoh, bodyweather and blindfold work preferably in nature and outstanding landscapes like rainforest, caves, waterfalls, mountains, gorges, seaside, desert; work with anthropomorphic picture worlds based on photography; experimenting with voice and sound, sound massage practitioner;
Before and between: literature and poetry;

© Schandra Guttmann

Content of the workshop:
    - Warming up
    - Relaxation exercises
    - Breathing meditation
    - Dancing with the elements: wind, stone, sun, light, shadow, fire, rain, stars, moon
    - Energy of seasons / becoming flower, insect, spirit …
    - Dancing with images
    - Improvisation
    - Process of metamorphosis
    - Body landscape
    - Blindfold work
    - voice & movement

© Schandra Guttmann

Instead of seeing the desert as a metaphor (the thinking of the west) we will experience being part of it .

    "When entering an unfamiliar space I am being totally open, waiting for the new impulses
     the surrounding
environment will awaken inside my body. I am listening, smelling, touching,
     tasting, seeing without thinking,
just sensing, feeling, perceiving & receiving."

What movements will arise from inside to outside in this very presence moment?
We will experience the metamorphosis process in nature and will be danced by

    The sounds of nature
    The whistling of the wind
    The breathing of the stones
    The whispering of the earth
    The shimmering of the air
    The brightness of the light
    The changing of colours
    The power of the wilderness
    The energy of the vastness

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Telefon:    +43-1-50 45 143
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Site: http://www.mirjamo.at

26. April 2013

Blaue Töne (Blue Tones) performance - Lalisch Theaterlabor

Within the context ot the exhibition by Renate Polzer
LalishTheatre Labor - Intercultural Dialogues 2013

Interior design, direction: Shamal Amin
By Nigar Hasib (Throat singing), Renate Polzer (Texts), Mirjam Morad  (Butoh Dance), Alejandra Pineda De Ávilla (Flamenco), Schamal Amin.